From where we should buy mobile phones Flipkart or Amazon

From where we should buy mobile phones Flipkart or Amazon?

In this article, we will be looking from where we should buy smartphones in India. And in India, there are only two marketplaces available which give you all possible offers on smartphones and you can trust them most than any other marketplaces. Flipkart is generating around Rs 20,000 crore revenue from Mobile phones and Amazon is generating around Rs 12,500 crore from Mobile phones. Flipkart has started exchange office on Mobile and very successful offer especially for your mobile so that you could exchange your phones to buy the latest phone. After the success of the exchange offer on Flipkart, Amazon has also started offering change deals on Mobile. But still, Flipkart is providing better exchange value than Amazon. Not only the exchange offer you can see many monthly offers on mobile phones on Flipkart.

So we can say that Flipkart has an edge over Amazon in Mobiles segment. let's compare other aspects so that we can decide which marketplace is better to buy a smartphone.

1.Exchange Offer. Here we are showing you an example that in all cases Flipkart provides better exchange value for your old mobiles. Also, they provide you live test of your phone online which can give you extra exchange value. Also, total exchange offer you could get for any phone on Flipkart is more than on Amazon.

Exchange Offer on Amazon on iPhone Xs.

Exchange offer on Flipkart for iPhone Xs

Flipkart app also provides live quality check and you will bet better exchange value after this test

2. Bank Offers.Here we are comparing offers other than exchange offer and here also Flipkart have more offers than Amazon on iPhone Xs 256GB model.

Bank offers of Flipkart.

Bank offers of Amazon.

So as you can see the comparison Flipkart mobile deals are always better and you can have more number of offers to obtain.

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