Advantages of Flipkart over Amazon India.

Advantages of Flipkart over Amazon India.

Advantages of Flipkart over Amazon India.
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In this article, we are going to discuss India,s top two marketplaces for online shopping. Online shopping India is growing at a  very fast rate and we all are buying products online because of our busy schedules because of our job or business. We all like online as we with only a few clicks you can get best deals, and timely delivery of your desired products. Now online shopping on Flipkart and Amazon can give you next day delivery also in some areas you could get same day delivery as well. Both Flipkart and Amazon are India,s best shopping sites are we as a customer we can trust these sites as they are more than 10 years old in their business and they both work towards delivering the quality products. But as per our experience, we are discussing some key advantages of Flipkart over Amazon India.

1 Clean UI of Flipkart : In this point, we want to highlight that user experience of Flipkart shopping is always better than Amazon. Personally, I get confused some time that Amazon India also selling used products and if you missed that part of any catalog you would order that products considering as new. Filters of Amazon listings also doesn't work sometimes like Flipkart.

2 Product Description: Product description of Flipkart always shows you better information about the product as compared to Amazon. This problem is not with all Amazon Products but you will find Flipkart listings always displays better and clear product details.

3 Flipkart discounts/deals: Flipkart will always have better discounts and bank deals as compared to Amazon India. Flipkart always offers 5% off discount on AXIS bank buzz cards.

4 Exchange Offers: The exchange offer was first started by Flipkart and now they are not only providing exchange offer on mobiles but also on other electronic devices like Laptop, TV, Printers and other electronic devices.

5 Delivery: As we all know that Amazon is performing well in one-day delivery and personally I also ordered some Amazon Prime products and got the products delivered to me in next 24 hours. But here we are discussing about non-prime products which take more time on Amazon to deliver. Flipkart also offers express delivery for some sellers and they have to ship the products in the next 2 hours after buyer placed his order and those products get delivered in the next 24 hours even when they are not Flipkart Assured products.

Conclusion: So we discussed some points where Flipkart has an advantage in India. Amazon is also performing well in all category as they also become an old marketplace in India. Amazon is the world's number 1 market place but when it comes in India we all can say Flipkart has some advantages in catalog, order delivery, deals and discounts.

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