5 Factors to consider while buying a smartphone from Flipkart India or Amazon India

Buying a new smartphone:5 things to consider

In this article, we are going to see what are the points we should consider before we buy a budget smartphone. We are going to suggest all the key features we are looking in the smartphone but within our pocket budget. The smartphone can be Android or iPhone as per the budget of the customer as both types of smartphones have its own value among the mass audience. We basically look for the phone with the latest Operating system and with at least 1-day battery backup with heavy usage as in modern times we spent our maximum time with our smartphone and we can call smartphone our best friend. In 2018 notch display is also a key feature which attracts many buyers to buy a smartphone with notch display.

Below are 5 key points which we should consider while buying a smartphone.

1 Battery Backup-We believe the battery backup is the main feature of the smartphone and we can say an Android device has an advantage over iPhones as they have some devices with 5000 MAH battery. And we will suggest you if battery backup bothers you the most then buy a smartphone with 5000 MAH battery as in our daily life carrying a power bank is not possible every time. And believe us that sometimes we cannot trust a phone with less than 3000 MAH battery would last for an entire day. Sometimes we didn't get such confidence that our phone will last when we have to go outside even for 1 day and we have to keep our device 100% battery before we leave from the house.

2 Camera.The camera of the smartphone is also widely used feather and in the time of social media, a good camera can give you the best photos to be shared with your friends and family. And camera quality does not entirely depend on how many megapixels cameras are used on our phone. Only well-known brands can give you a better camera like Samsung, Apple, Sony Xperia, Honor, Google Nexus devices. Believe us some companies are giving 25 megapixels camera phone within Rs 20000 budget and when you see the camera samples and compare them with even 8MP camera of. Samsung or iPhones you will see that even 8MP camera can give you a better result when they are optimised by well-known companies.

3 Display. This point is most widely used and as important as battery back up as they both are related to each other. The display uses battery juice very quickly. These days notch display is widely used in the world for both platforms Android and iPhones.So our basic need is a smartphone with a 6-inch notch display which can be handled easily in our hand and we can have a better viewing experience. So a phone with a 6-inch display with 5000 MAH battery back up combination could be a better option for our need.

4 Brand Value. Brand value of the smartphone does also matter when we are searching for any smartphone. A better brand can give you better after sale service and as per their experience in smartphone making they will provide a smartphone with good hardware and software combination. A good brand always gives you all software updates on time with security patches. They give you better protection for your personal data than other new companies. So a smartphone with well-known companies like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Honor, LG, GOOGLE would give you a better experience than new Chinese brands. A good brand can give you the better amount in exchange deals or and also give you well after sale value.

5 Budget. This is also one of the key points to consider before we buy a smartphone and in developing nations, this could be the first point to consider. So the best smartphone could be any phone within Rs 15000, with great battery and notch display. Also if you go for flagships you won't get 5000 MAH battery as they can make your phone heavy.

Apart from these five points, we can consider some other points as well as RAM, ROM, accessories, Availability of mobiles cases as se companies can give you a good phone with all high features but you won't get covers and other accessories as per your choice.

Conclusion: We should always buy a phone with great battery backup as we cannot charge our phone anytime and anywhere. Also using while charging could produce extra heat.So stick with our buying guide to buy a mobile

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