Dish TV guide, Recharge packs and new plans in 2020.

Dish TV guide, Recharge packs and new plans in 2019.

Dish TV guide, Recharge packs and new plans in 2020.

In this article, we will be discussing Dish TV recharge offers in 2019. Dish TV is offering great service these days to match up against big DTH providers like TATA SKY and Airtel. Dish TV is now the largest DTH provider in India. Dish TV is offering great plans as per our need for channels. Dish TV also has more HD channels than other DTH in India. Dish TV is offering both Combo and Add-On packages to attract users. In this article will see why we are suggesting you Dish TV as your choice for DTH.

Why Dish TV?

      As Dish TV is the most spread network in India they are providing 24*7 customer support for best customer experience.

      Dish TV is now the largest DTH provider in India with more than 10 crores happy customers.
      Dish TV is providing a built-in recording feature in every setup box.
      Dish TV is providing 5X picture quality with digital sound.
      Dish TV recharge can be done by all Apps, wallets, website, dealers and other options.

Dish TV Products


Dish TV Guide

DishNXT HD is the first product of DishTV and with 67 HD channels Dish TV is offering the most numbers of HD channels.It also offers 5 times better HD clarity so that you can experience the best TV viewing with DishNXT HD. It also supports 5.1 surround sound and advance remote. You can book DishNXT HD at Rs 1590 with one-month subscription, lifetime warranty, coupons worth Rs 2000.


Dish TV guide, Recharge packs and new plans in 2019
Credit:Dish TV India

DishNXT is known as HD setup box to experience digital picture quality, Stereophonic sound at an affordable price. Following things, you will get with DishNXT.

      Multilingual  support
      Digital Picture Quality
      Stereophonic Sound
      Add reminders
      Add Favourite Channels
      Faster Navigation

You can book DishNXT online at Rs 1490.

DISH TV Universal Remote

Dish TV guide, Recharge packs and new plans in 2019
Credit:Dish TV India

Dish TV universal remote it third product which Dish TV is offering to control both TV and setup box both with the same remote. This hassle-free remote you can get at a very affordable price of Rs 250.

Features of the Dish TV remote
      A single remote to operate your TV & Set-Top-Box.
      A sleek design with a matte finish.
      Remote works with 2 AA batteries.
      Available at a very cheap price of Rs 250

HOW to pair UNIVERSAL REMOTE along with your TV.

1.Press the OK and zero keys along on the DishTV Universal Remote till the TV mode light turns red: this shows that the remote is prepared to be paired with the TV.

2. Place the DishTV Universal Remote on a flat surface. Take your TV remote and place it ahead of the Universal Remote in order that their lights face one another directly. the gap between the remotes should be 5cm.

3.To program the Universal Remote's TV power button, press the TV power key on the Universal Remote. The red TV Mode light on the DishTV Remote can blink once to substantiate that you just will proceed.

4. Press the ability key on the TV remote. The red TV Mode light on the Universal Remote can blink two times to tell that it's learned the command.

5. You can follow the constant method for VOL UP/DOWN. MUTE, supply & Navigation (UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT/OK).

6. To save the learned commands, press the TV power key on the Universal Remote till the red TV Mode light blinks thrice.

Dish on Wheels

Dish TV online recharge 2019
Credit:Dish TV
Dish on Wheels is the fourth product offering by Dish TV. You can experience Dish TV while traveling by car, bus or train with the help of beaming quality digital entertainment. You can choose 250 channels with digital quality while traveling.

We have seen what all products Dish TV is offering to attract its customers.Now let's see Dish TV recharge pack or Dish TV channel list.

Dish TV recharge packs

Dish TV is mainly offering 3 recharge pack with a combination of HD and SD quality. Below are the Dish TV recharge pack.

  • Swagat Pack

  • Super Family

  • Maxi Sports

Let's see some other Dish TV monthly recharge plans.

1.First Dish TV recharge plan is BHARAT COMBO which you can get at Rs 140 per month with 30 channels and services.

2.Next Dish TV plan is BHARAT CRICKET and in this plan you can enjoy 191 channels at only Rs 157 monthly.

3.In SWAGAT plan you will get 180 channels at Rs 223 per month.

4.Next plan is HINDI PREMIUM with 239 channels at Rs 237 monthly.

5.Dish TV also have a recharge plan available for Punjab state only  its called PUNJAB KA APNA PACK.In this plan you can enjoy 236 channels at Rs 238.

6.Same like Punjab Dish TV also offers a plan for HP state viewers and they call it HP KA APNA PLAN in this plan also you will get 236 channels at a price of Rs 238.
Like Punjab and HP DISH TV also have a plan for Uttarakhand and its called UK KA APNA PLAN. This plan also has 236 channels at Rs 238 monthly.

7.Now we have a SUPER FAMILY PACK with 197 channels. You can enjoy this pack at Rs 275 monthly.

8.If you are a sports lover the  Dish TV have a plan for sports lover with almost all sports channels.This plan is called MAXI SPORTS.You can enjoy 213 channels at Rs 326 monthly. Dish TV also offers SUPER SPORTS pack with 225 channels at Rs 386 monthly.

9.Last but not the least plan is TITANIUM with the most number of HD channels. In this plan, you will get 240 channels at Rs 458 monthly.In this plan you will get all HD channels in every category with the best viewing experience.
Note: You can opt for Add On channels in above plan according to your need.For more details please click here

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