Borosil Vision Glass Set, 350 ml, Set of 6, Transparent

Borosil Vision Glass Set, 350 ml, Set of 6

Product Information

    1. Made of borosilicate glass and is ensured to withstand temperatures of up to 350 degree centigrade.
    2. Can be securely utilized in the microwave, stove, cooler, cooler and dishwasher and non-permeable glass won't ingest stains or smells.
    3. Not at all like plastic won't siphon synthetic compounds into your food considerably over rehashed use and not at all like normal soft drink lime glass won't turn smooth or shady with rehashed use.
    4. Shading: Transparent, Material: Glass.
    5. Bundle Contents: 6-Pieces Vision Glass (350ml), Warranty Information: 2 years guarantee against assembling surrenders.
This Glasses have stood the test of time. Elegant in design and sturdy in nature, they are our best-seller even after 40 years. Lightweight yet sturdy, these glasses are easy to clean and maintain, thus living up to the promise of a long life.

The Vision Glass can withstand temperatures of up to 350°C and are extreme temperature resistant too. This means that you can put them from your freezer directly into the microwave and vice-versa, without worrying about them.

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