Azani Plant Mass Gainer 1kg | 1083 Kcal, 45g Vegan Protein, 225g Carbohydrates, 0.5g Chlorella, 0.3g Ashwagandha | Intense Muscle Recovery, Weight Gainer, No Bloating-Natural

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PUTS YOUR BODY ON A CALORIE SURPLUS MODE: With over 362 calories per Scoop, our mass gainer not only balances but puts your body on a calorie surplus mode. Prepare your body for an intense session.
HEALTHY FOR THE GUT: The clean green formulation, paired with nature’s antioxidant, makes this muscle mass gainer your perfect gym companion.
IMPROVES STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE: The extra strength natural formula of the muscle fuel works to provide the athletes and bodybuilders with the required nutrients and the much needed strength and endurance. The strength promoting action of this product fuels muscle growth and proves to be a perfect supplement to support an effective workout.
BOOSTS MUSCLE GROWTH AND AIDS RECOVERY: A popular Ayurvedic ingredient, Ashwagandha added in this muscle fuel lowers cortisol levels and raises testosterone to produce accelerated muscle growth and size. It improves your immune system energy and concentration. It aids in quick and smooth muscle relaxation, resulting in a longer workout session.

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