Kapiva BP Care Juice - Ayurvedic Juice for Curbing Hypertension with 10 Potent Herbs

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COMBINATION OF NATURAL HERBS Different herbs in the BP Care Juice work together to regulate your blood pressure naturally. For instance, phytoconstituents in Arjuna are known to cause a fall in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Lasuna, Sarpagandha, and Jatamansi are effective to lower blood pressure and keep it within a healthy range. Additionally, Guggul helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels leading to better heart health.
TRADITIONAL PROCESS FOR MAXIMUM NUTRITION BP Care Juice is prepared using fresh raw herbs that are soaked overnight and then boiled for 4 hours before filtration. Cold-pressed garlic (lahsun) juice & guggul are then added to make the herbal concoction. The entire process is carried out with utmost precision to retain maximum nutrition.
CONSUMPTION INSTRUCTIONS Step 1. Shake the bottle before use. Step 2. Dilute 30ml of BP Care Juice in a glass of water. Step 3. Consume on an empty stomach every morning. Note: Dosage can be varied as prescribed by your healthcare professional.
GMP-CERTIFIED MANUFACTURING The juice is made in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) – certified facilities that ensure the highest standards of quality. It has no added sugar or flavours and is safe to consume daily to manage blood pressure naturally.

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