TAC - The Ayurveda Co. 100% Pure & Natural Shilajit / Shilajeet Raw Liquid Resin for Immunity, Metabolism & Enhanced Stamina 20gm

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PREVENTS AGEING: Rich in fulvic acid, it is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrient that protects against free radicals and cellular damage. Regular use of Shilajit may contribute to longevity, slow aging process, and overall better health.
PURE & POTENT: Shilajit in Resin form which is semi-liquid, is the purest form of Shilajit. The potent and raw Shilajit is all natural and sourced directly from the Himalayan Mountains. It helps in building vigour, mental & physical performance.
ANTI-VIRAL PROPERTIES: Made with natural acids & compounds, Shilajit also helps to fight off & kill many different viruses in isolated environments. It strengthens immune system.
BOOST ENERGY LEVELS: Daily intake of Shilajit helps maintain the energy levels, and absorbs key nutrients.

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