Doctor Dreams by Nilkamal Queen Size Striker Metal Bed, Classic Style with Sturdy Design(78 x 60, Black)

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Of all the metal beds online, what makes the Doctor Dreams Striker Bed your best option is that it has such a classic feel. the reinforced, all-metal construction won’t creak, wobble or groan under pressure. It won’t attract dust and mites like wooden beds. So, no mites, no fungus, no musty smells. Just plenty of clean, refreshing and uninterrupted sleep.
THE RUST-RESISTANT UTILITARIAN BED WILL LAST A LONG TIME Rust is a common concern most people have when contemplating a metal bed. Fortunately, the Striker Metal Bed alleviates that concern. This modest offering from Doctor Dreams is made of rust-resistant metal, which means the bed will resist rust and look great for a long time.
OPTIMAL WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION ALLOWS YOU TO SLEEP LONGER Aside from its robust metal frame, the Striker Metal Bed offers optimum weight distribution. The result is that when you lie down on this bed, your weight is uniformly distributed throughout the surface. Furthermore, it reduces creaking noises and improves airflow, allowing you to sleep soundly.
AN EASY TO ASSEMBLE BED THAT FITS NEATLY INTO YOUR ROOM If you are searching for a compact, easy-to-assemble metal bed, then the Striker Metal Bed is an excellent choice. Our engineers worked diligently to create a metal bed that’s both space-saving and minimal. The sleek and contemporary aesthetics of the Striker Metal Bed makes it great for modern living spaces.
EASY TO CLEAN METAL BED: NO MITES, FUNGUS, OR MUSTY SMELLS Most wooden beds are heavy and susceptible to mites, fungus, and musty odours. Such beds are inefficient, especially when your bedroom requires a lightweight, minimalist bed. Unlike wooden beds, the Striker bed is composed of light metal, is easier to put together, and does not attract mites or musty odours.

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