Let's Play® LP-HSPEED Non-Motorized Curve Treadmill Semi-Commercial with Zero-Maintenance Treadmill for Gym and Home Use.

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LET’S PLAY Semi Commercial Curve Treadmill For Gym And Home Use Doesn’t Need any Maintenance Easy to install, Can be Relocated Anywhere Very Conveniently. It Has No Motor Which makes this Beautifully Design Treadmill Zero-Maintenance.
BETTER PERFORMANCE:-Due to the propelling technique required to drive the running belt forward (similar to running outside), the curved treadmill recruits more muscles (glutes and hamstrings) throughout your run. By minimising the vertical displacement of the body’s centre of mass (COM) on the curved treadmill there is a coinciding increase in energy expenditure
UNIQUE DESIGN:-The design encourages you to run on the balls of your feet, which in turn reduced the impact on joints and improved running performance. There is more core and trunk engagement due to the need to run at an ergonomically correct angle. This forces you to maintain proper posture otherwise you will feel off balance and will effect your running gate
DIGITAL DISPLAY:- It has Digital Display Which shows the resistance, speed, km run,
GEAR MODE;- It Has Four Gear Modes through Which you can maintain your resistance level.

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