expensive-WeCool Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Sticks with Wireless Remo

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WeCool products are superior in style, design, touch and feel. WeCool brings better products for youth

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Upgrade your style and feel with awesome accessories from WeCool. We’re always creating something special to enhance your tech experience.

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Every WeCool product is designed and engineered by an industry expert and you will feel the difference. We curate our products for a personalized experience that is immersive, intimate and fine-tuned for the consumer.

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At WeCool, we aim to shape the future of audio and mobile accessories through innovation and unparalleled experiences.

WeCool Unique Products

This is a bluetooth enabled selfie stick for mobile phones. Just click on the wireless remote to take a photo
Use this selfie stand to watch your favorite videos or conduct online meetings
This selfie stick for all phones is compatible with all smartphones with dimensions between 4 inches to 6.5 inches.
The Bluetooth Selfie Stick comes with a small wireless remote that can be connected to your phone and can be used up to about 15 feet
The WeCool Mobile Selfie Stick is compact and foldable. It can be stretched up to 60 cm tall
Selfie stand for mobile phone can be rotated 360 degree + 220 degree angular adjustment


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