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Following its acquisition by the Victorinox Group in 2005, Wenger retained its distinct identity. Precision, functionality, thoughtfulness and attention to detail underpin Wenger’s collection of watches and travel gear that is based on a winning combination of Swiss engineering and reliability. Crafted in contemporary design and using high-grade materials, Wenger products are for those who seek a trusted Swiss brand at a reasonable price.

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Selected materials and meticulous workmanship ensure a comfortable fit on the wrist. Whether for leisure, everyday work or extreme sports, Wenger watches are suitable for every occasion and emphasize your unique personality. Each design demonstrates visual and tangible attention to the smallest detail. Assure yourself with your own personalized timepiece of the high-quality and unique collection from Wenger.


Wenger would never subscribe to a one-size-fits-all mentality – the Avenue Collection is a case in point. These watches come in 35mm and 42mm dial sizes. A total of 15 different models celebrate the power of personality, whether inspired by anatomy or agility. Sleek and perfectly made, these Swiss made watches effortlessly blend minimalism with modernity.

An inner circle on the dial traces the movement of the seconds, emphasizing that it is always in reference to the minutes and hours. The rectangular date display at six o’clock confirms that the passage of time is measured by an unbroken chain of elements. And each really counts. A slim, angular case frame and lugs create avenue architecture and confidently convey contemporary styling. The dial surface is smoothly concave, taking the imagination off course to a skate park bowl or a soft natural crater. Avenue timepieces are roads ahead when it comes to versatility

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Our high quality special grade leather is known for its resilience and ability to look good over time. Surgical-grade stainless steel bracelets are corrosion-resistant, hypo-allergenic, and high durability to last a lifetime if properly maintained. The silicone watch straps are waterproof and provide ease of wearing.

Swiss made

All Wenger watches are Swiss made. For centuries, the inscription “Swiss-Made” has brought with it an unblemished mystique. Not without an air of class and purpose. Passed down through generations, the attention to detail and commitment to perfection is as true to the Swiss as the snow in their Alps.

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Watch packaging is a customer experience and we make sure to make it special. For outstanding customer delight and impact, it’s no wonder that all Wenger watches come in attractive packages that make for a gift or collection. Now enjoy the benefits of both Swiss-style and precision.

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