high-protein-low-carb-foods-Indijan Multigrain Superfood Atta/Atta 5kg|11 Ingredients & 35%

IndiJan Multigrain Superfood Atta provides nutrition to the whole family, this product takes care of the whole family’s daily requirement of proteins, vitamins and minerals as per RDA recommended by ICMR/WHO, and keeps them healthy with roti. This product is designed to take care of the daily needs of proteins, vitamins and minerals of your entire family, and not only you, but also includes some functional properties, in your daily diet without any hassle and taste issues are easily integrated and ideal for people of different age groups irrespective of taste. and texture issue. {A 5 macro and 15 micronutrient-rich treat for your whole family}, with an immunity card to track your immunity. It fulfills almost 50% of the RDA in one serve.
Quality & Complete Plant-Based High protein – For Fitness Lovers, Rich in Antioxidants – Anti Aging, For Hair & Skin Health, Low Net Carbs Paired With Vitamin B1 – For Weight Management, 6 Multivitamins And the first flour with 9 minerals
You can make soft rotis, phulkas, paranthas, cakes, cookies, pizzas, cheelas, theplas etc and everything that can be made from flour, naturally fortified – no additives, no synthetics, no toxins
Rich in unsaturated fats like omega 3 and 6 – for heart health, high in dietary fiber – for metabolism/constipation
High in protein, Dietary Fiber and Low in Sugar Net Carb Diabetes, Low Glycemic Index For PCOS, PCOD and Cholesterol

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