high-protein-low-carb-foods- Nutriburn Keto Flour 1 Kg. 1.4g Net Carbs & 5g High Protein/Soft Roti.

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How do we get started?

We saw a vacuum in the market for good tasting low-carb food products. So we set out to see if we could create something that people could permanently have on a long term basis.

What makes our products special?

Each Nutribarn product tastes like everyday food and is still low-carb enough to eat on keto! You’ll Never Feel Like You’re Eating “Diet Food”

Are our products of high quality?

For every product we put on the market, we reject ten. This is because we have very high standards of nutrition and taste that must be met before the products can be put up for sale.

8.65% Net Carbs* – Makes it keto friendly, diabetic friendly and a must have for anyone looking to lose weight. *Net Carbohydrates (digestible) = Total Carbohydrates – Fiber (indigestible). Carbohydrates from fiber are not absorbed into the blood, so they are excluded when calculating total carb load.
31% protein – Get your daily dose of protein requirement in your daily meals
48% Fiber – High fiber is pre-biotic and aids digestion
0.2% Fat – Perfect for those watching their fat intake.

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