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The culture of packaged and ready-to-eat foods has grown tremendously during the past few decades because they are convenient. Most of the snacks and packaged food available contain high amount of carbs. High carbohydrate intake in the diet leads to many hormonal and metabolic problems. At Nutroactive, we believe that a low carb diet pattern is the healthiest way to live life. Hence Nutroactive has taken an initiative to introduce scientifically designed, truly low carb, high protein and healthy fat snacks for the benefit of the people of our country. We have an experienced team of people who are continuously engaged in research and development of high quality low carb food products. Nutroactive Keto Breakfast Pancake Mix is ​​an excellent low carb and high protein nutritious keto snack made with clean, simple and healthy ingredients. Keto Pancake Mix is ​​manufactured using high quality nuts, seeds and isolated proteins. It is a low carb, zero sugar and low glycemic index (GI) product which makes it ideal for people looking for keto foods, managing weight, managing blood sugar levels (diabetes management) and maintaining a healthy lifestyle Makes an ideal choice for keeping.
High proteinprotein is an important nutrient of a weight loss diet. It provides satiety and fullness for longer duration thus managing hunger pangs. Nutroactive Keto Breakfast Pancake Mix contains almost 4 times more protein than normal pancake mix as it is made from high quality coconut, peanuts, almonds, isolated protein etc. Daily protein requirement.
SUITABLE FOR KIDS – Creating a weight loss diet for kids is challenging but now you can do it easily with the help of Nutroactive Keto Pancake Mix. It is a great option for obese kids who are willing to lose weight with delicious food. It is safe for children as the sweetener used in the product is stevia.
Easy to make Pancakes – Using Nutroactive Pancake Mix it is very easy to make Pancakes. Take 100 grams of Keto Breakfast Pancake Mix, 1 small beaten egg and water. Mix the batter well till the batter is of desired consistency. Heat a non-stick tava (griddle) and pour a little batter in the center of the tava, so that it spreads evenly. Cook on low flame till it turns light golden brown and then flip it to the other side.
GREAT TASTE – Pancakes made with Nutroactive Keto Breakfast Pancake Mix taste great, make sure to cook on a slow flame to get a crispy and delicious pancake mix. The texture of the pancake will be somewhat similar to that of a normal pancake.

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