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Powered by the goodness of superfoods

Take! The products are made using a whole range of superfoods, including seeds mix (sunflower, flaxseed, melon, pumpkin), peanuts, isolated wheat protein, defatted soy flour, wheat flour (flour), defatted coconut flour, almond Contains seeds like flour. It makes lo! The food products are among the healthiest snacks on the market despite being low on carb.

Authentic Indian Taste

Take it! To maintain the traditional flavor of our low-carb foods, we place an emphasis on flavor. Even if you eat healthy, we believe that good taste shouldn’t be sacrificed.

Easy to make no difference in taste

Our Ultra Low Carb Flour is made in the same way as regular flour with no extra preparation time – simply mix 1/2 cup Ultra Low Carb Flour and 90ml of water in a bowl. Knead the dough until smooth. After baking, enjoy your delicious low-carb bread.

Puts You In Ketosis – Lo! Keto flour for the keto diet has been tested by physicians using blood and urine ketone meters to show that you are in ketosis.
USED ​​BY PROFESSIONALS: Keto atta flour is used by housewives and professional cooks due to its superior taste and texture. No after taste or smell. You can make keto food products like parathas, rotis, cookies, keto bread and many more.
Easy to make – no need to use hot water or let it rest for 10-15 minutes. Knead the dough and cook it the same way you would with regular flour, and you get very soft and fluffy rotis and fritters. So easy, that even your chef can make it.
Customer Review: Pratyush Prasanna says, “I have used LOW! Keto Atta Ultra Low Carb Edition since many months. Initially I got this keto atta for weight loss, but now I use it even when I I am not on keto diet. Note: Product packaging may vary.

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