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Healthy Facts of Green Sun Low Carb Nachos

Nutrition Facts for NachosNutrition Facts for Nachos

Green Sun Low Carb Nachos Compared With Regular Nachos Green Sun Low Carb Nachos Compared With Regular Nachos

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Low Carb Nachos

Green Sun Low Carb Nachos are made from a special superfoods formulation that makes them low in carbs. Nachos only have 1.9 grams of net carbs which are super healthy and nutritious. Green Sun Low Carb Nachos helps you relish your favorite munchies while on a weight loss diet as it is a healthy snack that is rich in fiber and nutrition. Nutrient-Rich Nachos

Green Sun Low Carb Nachos are better than regular nachos because they are low in carbs, high in fiber. Green Sun Low Carb Nachos are made using a healthy superfoods seed mix which makes it a perfect low carb variant to maintain the perfect taste of the regular. Nachos. Such good nutrition makes Green Sun Low Carb a perfect snack to maintain your good health, keeping you fit. Keto Complaint Nachos

As NABL lab tested, Green Sun Low Carb Nachos result in only 1.9 grams of net carbs per serving which makes it keto friendly. Green Sun Low Carb Nachos are highly recommended by leading nutritionists and doctors for people on weight loss diets. Passing many such tests parameters ensure the nutritional facts of Green Sun Low Carb Nachos to serve the best quality.

keto friendly keto friendly

Keto Friendly Snack

Research of healthy ingredients and expertise have created Green Sun Low Carb Nachos as the perfect keto friendly snack.

100% Natural100% natural

100% Natural

We have used 100% high quality ingredients with no added chemical additives or preservatives.

weight managementweight management

Ideal for Weight Watchers

Green Sun Low Carb Nachos serves only 1.9 grams of net carbs which helps you maintain weight and enjoy your snack cravings without compromising on taste, health and wellness.

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high in protein

The protein isolated from the high quality ingredients used in Green Sun Low Carb Nachos helps you follow a healthy diet.

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about green sunshine

Green Sun is a premium range of Diet/Nutrition products, Health Supplements, Dietary Nutritional Supplements, Herbal Supplements and much more. The Green Sun brand is owned by Evo Wellness Pvt Ltd and was launched after years of research supported by an experienced team of Nutritionists, Doctors, Food Technologists, Researchers, Chefs from the House of PrettySlim.

Green Sun Cliche is an end to end solution for healthy lifestyle with expert guidance for workout, personalized diet plan for each individual and healthy weight loss with almost a decade of research done by a team of health experts and skilled nutritionists Curated product range. & weight management.

IDEAL FOR HEALTH AND WEIGHT WATCHERS: Green Sun low carb food products help in weight loss as part of a low carb diet regimen, while satisfying your craving for snacks. It is the perfect vegetarian snack and munching option for paleo diet, atkins diet and vegan diet as well as keto diet
Piri Piri Flavor: Green Sun Low Carb Nachos score high on flavor with Piri Piri flavor in low carb form. Perfect to have as a tasty, spicy, healthy low carb snack.
Crunchy & Delicious: Green Sun Low Carb Nachos bring the same crunch and shape, without the added flour or chemicals; making them authentic and deeply satisfying. Enjoy with a dip of salsa, sour cream or guacamole
Guilt Free Snacks: It is so much easier to follow a diet now with low carb snack options available to eat. Achieve health and fitness without compromising on the foods you love. Chew anytime, anywhere, whether watching movies, traveling, partying or whenever you feel hungry

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