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Hello Tempeh Packs With Meals You Can Make From ItHello Tempeh Packs With Meals You Can Make From It

Super Star IngredientSuper Star Ingredient

nutritious and full of energynutritious and full of energy

fun and easy to cookfun and easy to cook

A rock star in the kitchen, tempayy is super versatile. Use in the form of cubes, mince or mash it, perfect for curries, stir fries, rolls and more.

A protein powerhouse (38 grams per pack), tempeh is gut-friendly and high in fiber while also being low in carbs and fat.

To pickle Pan-toss. Add to any dish. 3 easy steps to cook tempeh.

Description of how tempeh is madeDescription of how tempeh is made

floating profitfloating profit

High fiber and low carb. More fiber than paneer and tofu. Great for digestive health and helps control appetite by keeping you full for longer. Works for the keto diet too.
Rich in Vitamin B-12 and Iron. Hello Tempeh is rich in Vitamin B-12 and Iron and gives you over 30% of your daily requirement. Packed with other micronutrients as well.
Good for gut health. The fermentation process makes tempeh great for the gut and easy to digest, unlike cheese which is dairy-based and can be hard on the gut.
Dairy free and gluten free. Clean label products without preservatives or additives. Whole, natural meals made from simple ingredients available in your kitchen.

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