high-protein-low-carb-foods-Nutroactive BrownXatta Atta High Protein & Low Carb Keto Friendly

Brownzata contains only 25% carb, compared to 70%-80% in normal wheat or multigrain flour. This means that each chapati (roti) has only 5 grams of carbs as against 25 grams-30 grams in a normal chapati (roti). NutroActive #BrownXatta is an innovative product; Over 10 years of research and experimentation has helped us develop a formulation that can reduce the carbohydrate content while maintaining the flavor and softness. The specialty of #NutroActive BrownXatta is its low carbohydrate, #high protein and fiber content, a unique feature which is not easily available in the market. Generally maida which is considered healthy makes hard and dry chapati. You cannot take such chapatis for lunch. Brownexta flour is a great combination with high protein, high fiber and low carb and the chapati remains soft and delicious even after hours. BrownXatta can be useful in many conditions like weight gain, diabetes, chronic constipation, PCOD, post surgery, pregnancy, lactation etc. Replace your regular flour with BrownXatta for a healthy lifestyle. Now your rotis can pack more protein than eggs and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is made from natural ingredients including Wheat Bran, Wheat protein, Soy Flour, Soy protein, Oats, Quinoa, Amaranth. Brownexatta is very close to your typical wheat flour in terms of texture and taste with the benefits of low carb, high protein and high fiber. Its taste is slightly different from normal wheat flour but its nutritional value is very high. Making Chapati from Brown Jatta is also very easy, the dough has to be prepared with lukewarm water and keep the dough for 15-20 minutes before rolling the chapati. Brown Jate can be used to make Chapati, Puri, Paratha, Kulcha, Kachori. , Cake, Cookies etc.

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