Friday, January 25, 2019

Flipkart Sale-OPPO mobile is going to launch another realme mobile.

Photo Credit:Flipkart

RealMe Flipkart Launch
Photo Credit:Flipkart

OPPO mobile has seen success with its sub-brand RealMe.RealMe mobiles are best selling smartphone in budget segment of Rs 15000. Realme 2 pro is leading their budget segment mobiles with flagship specification on another hand realme U1 and realme C1 are best sellers in the lower budget segment. Flipkart has posted on Flipkart Mobile page that new Realme mobile is going to launch very soon. They have also indicated that upcoming realme mobile will be coming with Mega Screen, Mega Battery, Mega Storage. Flipkart is promoting this mobile as “Entertainment ka Boss”

RealMe Flipkart Launch
Photo Credit:Flipkart

Below are the expected features of upcoming RealMe mobile on as per Flipkart.

1 Mega Battery: Flipkart has mentioned that upcoming Realme mobile will have a mega battery so you could expect 4000-5000 MAH battery so that it could compete with Motorola Power One,Asus Zenfone Max pro M2.

2 Mega Display:Like OPPOs last flagship of RealMe mobiles they will come with a notch display (6-6.5 inch FHD+) with dewdrop design.

3 Mega Storage:Storage of this device can be 64GB,128GB two variants.

4 Competitive Price:Price of new Realme expected to be 13-17K and at this price segment like RealMe 2 Pro this device will also be a great deal.

Conclusion:If you are looking to buy a mobile with 15K budget you could wait for new RealMe mobile which will be launched in February exclusively on Flipkart.

RealMe Flipkart Launch
Photo Credit:Flipkart

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